Business Partnership - Highland Hangout


We are incredibly proud to have partnered with Tree Tents International, to bring you their award-winning, sustainable products. We’re excited to offer a business opportunity that allows you as a landowner to share the wonders of Scotland’s wild and natural places with others while monetising and actively managing your woodland.


Imagine the faces of your guests as they enter the magical world of the tree canopy for the first time. The clear sense of relaxation, developing a connection with the outdoors and a little twinkle of excitement in their eyes.


By reconnecting guests with nature and the environment through this breathtaking experience, they will be inspired to spend more time enjoying and helping to protect our natural places.




By becoming a Highland Hangout partner, you will be joining a family of like-minded businesses and will have access to a range of business services and partner benefits to help and support you to develop your own vision of a quality, sustainable, and unique guest experience.


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