Sustainability - Highland Hangout


We know where all our materials come from, and ensure they are responsibly and locally sourced, 100% recyclable and of the highest quality. Each Tree Tent is built bespoke, by experts in the UK, using a clever modular system that allows any damaged parts to be replaced, extending the life of the structure.

By delivering structures that are pre-fabricated and flat-packed, we dramatically reduce their carbon footprint in production, transport and installation. Highland Hangout and Tree Tents International are committed to high sustainability standards: 




It’s really important and part of our ethos to help tackle the climate crisis.

We partner with local community projects to fund the planting of new trees and woodlands. 

As a small contribution, we will plant 2 trees of your choice, in your name,
to say ‘thank you’ for staying in our Tree Tent. 

(More information about the type of trees and the process coming soon!!)